70 YR Old Woman Attacked by Facebook

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A couple years ago... some of you may remember that facebook deleted our page with over 400k followers.  by that action... thousands of dollars and thousands upon thousands of man hours were stolen from our little Veteran business.  Sucks right?  You would think we did something wrong.  Nope.  We were just posting conservative speech and facebook is just one of the platforms willing to kill free speech in America.  (we have screenshots to prove it too)

We then commenced to rebuild the page... which we did.  We were back up to almost 100k followers.  Then post block after post block.  "Fact checking" our opinions.  (stupid af)  Finally, they deleted a couple of our admins.

So in order to stay safe from losing our page... we decided to put one admin's mother on as an admin. (with her permission)  Just in case they delete all of us terrible Veterans with conservative ideals, we wouldn't lose our business page altogether.

The Assault on a 70yr old Lady

On November 12th, 2020 they deleted the rest of us and even deleted the 70 year old mother of two veterans (one disabled) and widow of another who died due to agent orange complications!  Ridiculous.  She NEVER posted anything on the page.  She never even posted anything remotely political.  She didn't even ever like a post from the page or any like them.

What did she do? (you might wonder)  She simply was an admin for backup.  She also recently made it through a fight with cancer and spinal surgery, a splenectomy and more.  Due to her splenectomy, she has no immune system, so Covid has her completely cutoff from the outside world.  That is, except for her connections of facebook.  She's a member of multiple "buy nothing" groups where she gives away items for free to people who are in need.  She's in a cancer support group (very important), and two back surgery support groups to help with her healing and state of mind.  (and by the way, if she or any of us try to appeal, we get a page that says simply "this decision is not reversible".

Cancelled & Depressed

This 70 year old lady has been cancelled and cutoff from her support and has gone into depression now.  Some of us have convinced her to join us on an app called Telegram.  Which, by the way is where we're going to be doing a lot in the coming days. ( https://t.me/WarriorCode )

Regardless of whether you drop facebook or not (even though they are stifling all conservatives) please share this on your social media accounts and/or email.

We would really like to expose facebook for this behavior.  Share the HELL outta this one!

Give us a share...

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