Democrats Divided Pelosi Smacks AOC Hard ★

Nancy Pelosi may be a lot of things... but she knows damn well that her broken party can't win an election while preaching for "Democratic" Socialism.  What's next for the Dems?  "Democratic" Communism?  Maybe "Democratic" Genocide?

She obviously realizes that the inexperienced children in the Democrat party are doing nothing but making them all sound like idiots.  

If you happen to be a young person reading this article and think AOC and all the other "We'll give you the rich people's money." Democrat politicians are cool, up to date, and have clue.  You seriously need to do some research on the history of socialism.  The ideas are absolutely ridiculous and We the People would only suffer if they ever could actually get their way.

And here's some news for you...  AOC's plans would never only take from the rich.  Even if you were to tax them at a rate of 90%, there wouldn't be enough money to pay for them.  Which means, YOU would end up paying for all of these socialist programs she and lots of Democrats want.  

So the question is...  Are you ready to give up 90% of your paycheck to the government?  Didn't think so.

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