Liberals Block Free Speech and Get Away With It! ★

Conservative views are under attack by liberal media, social media and the giant internet monopolies.  The evidence is everywhere.  This guy was fired for writing a memo with conservative views, then the internet giant continued the attack behind closed doors to keep him down.

Social Media Hiding Conservative Views

In the case of social media...  Take for example the Warrior Code facebook page with 121,000 followers.  Those people clicked and asked to see the posts by our conservative and military veteran page.  Yet, many posts can go up and only be seen by 600 or 700 people. 

In a recent post asking for real protection instead of "Gun Free Zones" for our kids... even with over 600 shares the post still didn't even reach one quarter of the people following the page.  

Here's where it gets important for conservatives to like and share conservative posts as much as possible!  Liberals dominate the media, social media and internet media, so we must be diligent in promoting our own ideas before these people sway the coming elections that could result in more and more Liberal destruction of our morals, values and ultimately our country.

Give us a share...

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