Facebook works with Democrats (2020 Election Tampering?) UPDATED!

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Even though fb execs continually say there's no bias... we continue to find evidence to the contrary.  Our little Veteran Owned (Conservative) page has been getting hidden more and more as we get closer to election time.

Our weekly facebook reach was continually running up around 7 million with around 6 thousand new likes per week over the last year.  Once the page reached 300k in likes, the downward spiral began.  Now, the weekly reach (which is still dropping) has dropped below 1 million and weekly likes all the way down to 300!


Facebook, which makes a habit of blocking and banning conservative posters has already shut down some major conservative players.  For instance, Uncle Sam's Misguided Children (which had over 2 million followers) has now been deleted for the second time.

This is nothing less than election tampering by the largest platform for people to use their freedom of speech and give their opinions.  We would love to see Trey Gowdy or Dan Crenshaw bring this censorship to light for the American public.

You don't have to agree with somebody else's opinion in order to allow it and even debate it.  We welcome that.  What's happening today is merely powerhouse liberals and so called "progressives" hiding facts and opinions by their opposition.

Spread the word... let's stop the censorship, waaaaay before the election.

UPDATE - April 7, 2019

The Warrior Code facebook page was deleted today!

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