Payback's a Bitch! ★

After all the illegal activity by Democrats from Obama on down the list...  We may soon see some satisfaction.  They've been after the President of the United States since before he was even elected.

This illegal activity won't be discussed on liberal media outlets like CNN, MSNBC or on liberal shows like The View.  But AG Barr may soon have a BIG slap in the face to all those who were part of the dirty deeds.

Regardless of the result after 2 years of investigating President Trump in their "Russian Collusion" hoax.  You can bet these power hungry, career politicians are going to keep pushing the Russia bullsh*t.  They NEED it to stay alive until election time.

Here's the payback...

Even if one of these 18 Democrats manage to win in 2020, (which seems doubtful for a bunch of gun grabbers, socialist and tax you to death politicians) the precedent has been set.

That's right geniuses, you did it.  Any Democrat that EVER manages to win the White House again is going to receive retribution from our side.  Investigations, accusations and nothing but a fight for the entire time they would be in office.  And just like Democrats did, we'll start calling for impeachment before they have even been inaugurated.  

You made your beds... now lie in it.  Payback is a bitch!

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