President Trump and the Purge! ★

Once again Democrats feed their liberal media cronies talking points and they run with it.  Seriously, it's okay if you are truly just a liberal talk show, but don't try to refer to yourself as a "News" organization.

The Purge T-ShirtThe sensationalize everything the man does to better our country and make it sound like the end of the world.  The purge!  The Chaos!  The Bloodbath!  Liberal media has become a complete joke!

Furthermore, the Chaos in this country has been since the night of our 2016 election and has been perpetrated by Democrats, liberal media and hollywood weirdos who have been trying to undermine the President and our country's best interests.  

Chaos T-ShirtYou want chaos?  Wait till he gets re-elected after Democrats have completely shown America their true colors.

Our next election will be more important than ever! Democrats have been radicalized and are calling for gun confiscation, socialism and the all out assault on those who don't agree.

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