No Russian Collusion... Now what? ★

The video above is long... so here's what took so long to say... The President of OUR country did NOT commit treason!  Yet Democrats are still mad.  Letting the liberal media outlets and hollywood actors get you angry at the man for things he did not do was bad enough...  Now some people REALLY wanted him to be guilty of something.

Why did all of this happen?

In one word.  Hillary.  She had the fix in on that election.  But Trump still won.

When it became clear to her that she might not win, Democrats set forth the most effective smear campaign in the history of smear campaigns.  

How does it work?  Pelosi already told us that.  Of course, deep down in our hearts we ALL knew that it was how both parties play "politics".  

In this video, she was accusing the Republicans, however don't miss the fact that she has a name for it and understands exactly how it works.  They ALL do it.  The difference is that Democrats have MULTIPLE accomplices, so their message basically... went viral.

Watch below as Democrats and liberal media cronies use the tactics she described against the President... 

They did the same thing with the terms racist, homophobic, xenophobic and countless other Democrat talking points.  They got a bunch of you all fired up but here's the REAL news.  They lied to you.  

Now, an over 2 year long investigation... it's been proven that there was NO COLLUSION!  Shouldn't people be happy that the President of the United States of America did not commit treasonous acts?  Of course they should.  

But they won't.  Democrats NEED this bullsh*t story to stay alive until election time.  So, they'll keep running their, "wrap up smear".

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