The Next Rosa Parks? ★

Just as Democrats hated and attacked Mrs. Rosa Parks in the 1950's, they now attack a modern day version...  Ms. Candace Owens.  

Rosa L. Parks, whose defiance of segregation in 1955 led to the bus boycott in Montgomery, Ala., and helped touch off the black civil rights movement, was robbed and assaulted in her house.

Why is Candace now a target?

“Black people aren’t free in this country,” she says, “but we’re on the way.”

Owens, a 29-year-old rising right-wing star and communications director for conservative student group Turning Point USA, is encouraging African Americans (and Latinos, and other minorities) to leave the Democratic Party — that is, mount a massive “black exit” from the left. For too long, Owens says, African Americans have been “mentally enslaved” on the Democratic plantation, and it’s high time they became “free.” “Sixty years black people have been voting the same. What have we gotten back?” she says. “That’s the plantation. We do the work, we make sure you get elected every four years. You get the power, and we get absolutely nothing back.”

Then the attacks from Democrats...

She's been repeatedly attacked by the mobs of white Antifa members too. 

She's been thrown out of a restaurant by Democrats.  Seems that the left is truly for black folks... as long as they know their place.  These are the types of reasons that the #blexit is growing daily and if you don't know... well now you know.

By the way... Wonder what Democrats would say if even one white or black conservative were doing these things to her?  

Give us a share...

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