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Think You're Hot? We're looking for male and female shirt models!

be a tshirt model become a model get paid to model our shirts warrior code

Literally thousands of you already own our shirts...  We're looking for men and women to model them and get paid.  Especially if you're a Veteran, but you don't have to be.  Here's what you'll need to do to be considered.

Take an appealing and clean picture of yourself wearing our shirt...  maybe a few.  No nudity!  Then email it to us at along with your contact information.  Make sure to state in the email that you give us permission to use the photos.  If we use them on our website... you'll get a dollar EVERY time we sell one of those shirts.  If we use it on social media, you'll get a free shirt.

It's easy.  We're looking for men and women pics here.  Depending on the shirt... guns included would be a plus.  And don't worry, we're not looking for people who are scared to eat a cheeseburger!  You could be our next tshirt model.

You want the money?


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