’Toxic Masculinity’ Negatively Impacts The Environment?

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Let's see how ridiculous we can get.  In an article written by Forbes after interviewing Aaron Brough who was researching GENDER & CLIMATE CHANGE!  Sounds like somebody had a predetermined opinion before studying only 2,000 people to find his conclusions.

First of all, you have to realize that this is an attempt to make the assumption that the sky is indeed falling.  Then, that men are somehow bad.  Again.

His study suggests that gender bias could have a link to climate change, with men who perceive their masculinity as threatened by a certain choice more likely to respond to the perceived threat by making an environmentally bad choice.

Guess if the new liberal / progressive agenda is attacking masculinity, you would want to study the possible relationship between gender and sustainable decision-making.  smh

The researchers conducted seven experiments involving more than 2,000 participants and found that the environmentally responsible behavior tended to be perceived as more feminine by both those who engaged in it and those who observed it. 

(The example... Men aren't willing to carry re-usable bags.  Another assumption that plastic bags are killing the planet.  We're Doomed!)

Such “feminine” behavior was supposedly seen as a threat to the masculinity of a significant enough number of the male participants to lead the researchers into suggesting gender stereotypes and their effects spread to things like environmentally responsible or irresponsible behavior.

In one of the experiments, for example, the participants had to recall an experience in which they’d done something positive or negative for the environment. The ones that recalled a pro-environment experience rated themselves as more ‘feminine” than the ones that recalled an anti-environment experience.

What’s more, male participants seemed more concerned with the maintenance of their masculine identity, which could also explain the not-too-environmentally good choices they made in the experiments.

(Targeted questions maybe?  LOL)  What's next?  Our "Toxic" masculinity causes volcanoes to erupt, earthquakes to happen?  No... those are real occurrences.  Guess they can only continue to push their end of the world agenda on imaginary things.)  Hey Al Gore!  Weren't we supposed to be under water by now?

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