Trump or Hillary... Why This Election Is So Important ★

So many people out there have only ever known what the media tells them...  and elections have become more of a popularity contest than anything involving actual knowledge of the issues at hand.  At S4VE, we are all about protecting our constitutional rights and the main one under siege is our 2nd Amendment Rights!

Someone recently said to me...  "Don't you think if one person could grab our guns, that Obama would have already done it?"  Yes I do, but he couldn't and here's why the next president could possibly have that kind of power.

Justice Scalia recently passed away and leaves behind a vacant seat that the next prez will definitely be filling with someone who wants what they want.  But even scarier is that four more Supreme Court Justices are older than 75!  

Bottom line is that the next president could REALLY have an impact on law making and decisions that will affect generations to come.  Hillary has already screamed from the rooftops that she plans an all out war on the NRA and our rights.  This MUST not be allowed to happen.  So whether you like Trump or not, if you are a responsible, law abiding gun owner you may want to get to the polls and cast your vote, while remembering what's at stake.  And that's just one of the Nation altering items on her agenda.  

So, while I don't believe in telling people who to vote for... I am telling you why I think the vote should NOT be for Hillary Clinton.  Please vote responsibly.  lol


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