What Hope & Change did for Venezuela

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Pretty much everybody seems to understand the broad strokes on what's happening in Venezuela, but this short video will show you exactly what Hope & Change brought to their country.

Here in America, we were already given a dose of the same with regard to our current mess of a health care system.  For many of us that Hope & Change made it so that we can't possibly afford health insurance and has possibly done irrevocable damage.

Still, Democrats are going further and further left and calling for more socialism on a daily basis.  They are brainwashing college kids with these poisonous ideas and trying to ensure that our future will be exactly like Venezuela's current situation.

Disarming the people is a high priority as well.  When the people begin to frantically try and fight back against tyranny and starvation, a socialist regime does NOT want the people to be armed.  However, we will not comply!

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