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What is a Three Percenter?

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Many of you are still unaware of what the 3 Percenter movement is all about.  Right now there are many who are seeking to remove our 2nd Amendment rights.  But this is not the first time.  The self identified 3% in this country are referring to the American Revolution.

The Original Three Percenters

During the American Revolution when the British attempted to ban and confiscate weapons and ammo... it took less than 3% of the people to fight back and win. III  Percenters today refuse to comply with any direct violations of our 2nd Amendment rights.  So if you have been trying to figure out what the roman numeral 3 with the 13 stars around it means now you understand.  Judging from the large numbers of people seeking our 3 Percent shirts and hoodies, our guess is that the movement may be much larger than three percent at this point.  III Percenters - We are everywhere!  

Does this seem to apply to you?  We invite you to buy some of our gear.  100% of the profits from every sale benefits Veterans.

Just a few of our 3 Percenter items below...

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