Colorado Passes Unconstitutional "Red Flag" Law, Many Sheriffs Won't Enforce ★

Right now there are several states across the nation looking to pass an unconstitutional gun grabber law called "Red Flag" Law. The idea? A family member or friend reports another as being a danger, the local courts hold a hearing without the target's knowledge or ability to defend themselves. Then law enforcement are tasked with raiding that person's home, (unannounced) and seizing their guns.

First and foremost, this is a CLEAR violation of the 2nd Amendment.  Second, every law enforcement officer, just like every person who has ever served in the military or even in political office has taken an oath to DEFEND the Constitution.  These are our rights people! 

Butt here's something for you to think over...  Who's doing the reporting?  Do they have an anti-gun agenda?  Also, if the person in question is so incredibly dangerous to themselves or others... why guns.  They'll still have access to knives, blunt objects and their own hands and feet.  All of which outnumber homicide statistics over guns.  If they are in fact, so dangerous... why aren't they headed to a padded room?

Red Flag laws are just another tyrannical move to take guns away from law abiding citizens in our country.  Any LEO willing to enforce that law and any politician setting in motion the passing of such a law is in VIOLATION of their oath of office.  Period.  This is why a number of Sheriffs around the country are saying they WILL NOT enforce these laws.

Here, is yet another reason why EVERY Democrat in this nation needs to voted OUT of office.  Their agenda has become completely Un-American and serves only their greed for money and power.  

This is the reason why so many are becoming Three Percenters.  What is a Three Percenter... You can read the longer definition, but basically any citizen who refuses to comply with unconstitutional (tyrannical) gun grabbing laws.

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