Comey is in a lot of trouble! ★

“This is the guy who, leaked his memos in order to make sure that a Special Counsel was created to investigate the president.  "This is the guy who put an unverified dossier in front of a FISA court. There are lots of problems with Comey’s story. None of it matches up with reality.” - Rep. Devin Nunes (Ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee)

"Look, I think Mr. Comey is in a lot of trouble and he should be. He made a mess of the FBI.”

"Remember when he came before our task force at the end of the last Congress, this is a man who couldn’t answer a question. I think, you know, over 100 times said things like, ‘I don’t recall’ so whenever put under oath on a body like the legislative body of Congress, the guy couldn’t answer a question. He could do a town hall and make a lot of things up." Nunez said.

We agree whole heartedly... Comey and all of his Democrat accomplices should be under investigation, then tried, convicted and rotting in their cells.  As far as we are concerned... they have all committed treason.

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